Track 31: Stranger by Lord Huron

I just got back from Sri Lanka yesterday and am nursing a serious vacation hangover.  It’s a truly extraordinary country.  Rolling hills and peaks covered with verdant tea estates, gorgeous cave temples, fascinating colonial heritage towns, delicious food and some of the most stunning palm tree lined coastlines with crystal blue water that I have ever seen (and I’ve been to beaches in Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and Greece, so that’s saying something).  Its hard to not feel pangs of nostalgia just thinking about it.  I would love to share some photos, but tragically my camera was lost somewhere between the Colombo, Singapore and Phnom Penh airports.  Thus, other than a few pictures on an old camera and from my ipad, I mostly just have my memories.

I had this song by Lord Huron (who I already featured a month or so ago) on repeat while I was on the coast in Unawatanu and then Tangalle.  Something about this track just seems to embody what I was feeling sitting on a nearly deserted beach watching the waves crash and the palm trees swaying in the wind.  That is ultimately one of the things I love the most about music: the fact that individual songs can expand and deepen the texture of any given experience.  So, I hope this grainy Ipad photo of Tangalle can give you at least a bit of a Sri Lankan visual to go with this track.


Tangalle Beach on the southern coast of Sri Lanka

Tangalle Beach on the southern coast of Sri Lanka

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