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Track 18: Mtn Tune (Wallpaper Remix) by Trails and Ways

I think this is becoming an obsession.  Yes, I already featured Trails and Ways, but it must be done again.  They’re just soooo good.  I initially came across this track via the Wallpaper remix, but the original just perfectly exemplifies the sound of this awesome new group.  Both tracks respectively kill it though, so it seemed necessary to include both here.

TGIF Y’all


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Track 5: Over My Dead Body (Star Slinger Remix) by Drake

Oh Drake.  So suave and talented I almost forget you were the kid in the wheelchair on Canada’s Degrassi: The Next Generation.  You know, I learned a lot from Degrassi, like how you’re supposed to wear chokers and clothes with studs whilst teen-angsting and that oral sex is like totally gonna give you gonorrhea.  Thats okay though.  I’ll give you a pass since prepubescent teen star to world famous rapper is such a logical career trajectory.

Also “Over My Dead Body” is a rad song, but no offense, Manchester based DJ Star Slinger made it better.  Just saying.

p.s. I would totally die happy if you actually marry Nicki Minaj.  Do it.

Jimmy!!! (before getting shot and ending up in the wheelchair)

As you can see, Drake was always bound for greatness

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