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Track 41: Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin

Soulful Sundays

A Classic.


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Track 23: I’ve Got it Bad and that Ain’t Good by Nina Simone

Jazz Wednesdays

Nina Simone.  I could probably write an entire blog (or book) purely of love letters to this magnificent woman.  Although she’s usually categorized as a jazz singer (and one of the best ever, at that), I associate her music more with blues and folk.  There’s a soulful and profoundly melancholy tone to her voice and her lyrics tend to be more narrative and self reflective, something I affiliate more with folk music.  Its always hard to measure an artist’s impact after they have passed, but something tells me that Nina’s impact, musically across genres and socially as one of the civil rights movement’s greatest activists, will be felt for generations to come.

I can listen to this track over and over again without tiring of it.  Its just simply beautiful.

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