Snapshots: London Under Snow

A few weeks ago London was blanketed in an unexpected snowstorm.  I have no problem with snow.  In fact, I love it.  I grew up in the Rocky Mountains where there was at least 3-4 feet of snow on the ground for most of the winter.  However, having also lived in New York, I now also understand what a pain in the ass it is to be in an urban city that doesn’t receive much snow.  Apparently London handles it just as poorly as New York and life comes to a near stop once there are a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

Still, looking at this picture, its hard to deny how pretty a city sprinkled in white can be. And since its been so hot here in Cambodia as of late, I wouldn’t mind laying out and making snow angels.

Snowy Big Ben

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  1. Nice pic! Very pretty and looks poetic!

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