Track 25: Crystal Ball by Grimes

I was admittedly pretty late to the Grimes train having just started listening to her a few months ago (give me a break, I live in Cambodia for christ sake).  I want soooo badly to dislike her.  You know, it’s the super repetitive synth hooks and squeaky anime vocals.  But I just can’t.  Almost every single song on Visions is just so catchy.  I’m not sure if it really lives up to its hype, but I sure do enjoy it.  This, however, is off of an earlier EP she did with d’Eon.  I like how this video was filmed and I also like how it shows just how much she does live (not very common with the “just press play” electronica generation).  I’ve added the original for comparison as well.


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2 responses to “Track 25: Crystal Ball by Grimes

  1. Love Grimes. If you are interested in new music then have a look at my music blog – you can put links to your site in the comments if you want.

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