Track 17: Don’t Stop the Music by Jamie Cullum (Rihanna Cover)

Jazz Wednesdays

Thought I’d bring this segment up a few decades and add a more contemporary jazz track.  Jamie Cullum is a well known British jazz-pop artist whose music often blends a variety of genres and modern influences.  Because of this, he’s often credited  as bringing jazz to the mainstream consciousness of a whole new generation.  This track is a perfect example.  Obviously, covering one of Rihanna’s biggest hits automatically sets you up for significant attention. But this cover is on a whole other level.  I personally am a huge fan of covers that construct completely new arrangements, to the point that the new track stands on its own separate from the original.  Cullum took a quintessentially millenial era techno pop song and laced it with sophisticated jazz syncopations and raspy rock vocals.  It’s undoubtedly recognizable and results in the same sort of dramatic crescendo that Rihanna is known for.  But in 20 or 30 years I have no doubt that people will be arguing over which one came first.

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